Hi there, I'm Valeriy Bykanov, the Founder of X1 Group, where I help German tech startups to hire and grow distributed software engineering teams. Originally from Ukraine and moved to Berlin in 2016. Having a tech background, I was growing my career from Software Engineer to Project Manager to Business Analyst and then Entrepreneur. Contributed to several startups as Tech Advisor and CTO and now I'm building new startups on the edge of #peopletech and #edutech. Will be happy to share my experience on hiring your engineers locally vs remote, as well as working with service providers, outsourcing and recruitment agencies. "Been there, done that" and can openly share what is working and what is not really, and what options are best suited at each stage of your startup.

My Mentoring Topics

  • Hiring Engineers for your Startup - locally vs remote.
  • Working with Outsourcing Providers and Recruiting platforms - when it makes sense and how to choose one.
  • Building Remote-First Startup Processes and Culture.
  • Managing Remote (engineering) team.

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