Whether you're a proficient developer or new to the Engineering Leadership field, navigating your role in the ever-evolving environment of a startup or scale-up is challenging: As you progress in your career, there's an increased expectation for self-directed goal setting, time management, and role definition and development. While often rewarding, it can also be a source of stress and isolation, making it difficult to identify whom to approach for guidance and support. In this regard, getting a mentor is a useful and effective way to tackle these challenges.

My Mentoring Topics

  • Navigating personal exponential challenges (e.g. scaling, re-organisations, promotions, starting a new job as an EM)
  • Improving your work estimates
  • Improving your decision-making process
  • Managing up, ie how to work effectively with superiors or bosses to achieve the best results for you, them, and the organisation
  • Optimising your meetings (1:1s, perf reviews etc.)

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