Alexander Kornelsen

Alexander Kornelsen

Business Development Manager & Podcaster NOZ MEDIEN & New Work Stories Podcast

I started my first start-up with 20 years while studying in Göttingen, Germany. Back then the term „start-up“ didn‘t really exist. There weren‘t hip and cool start-up shows on TV. Even the game changing iPhone wasn‘t out yet. But still my co-founder and me knew: there is more to the world. We started working in the Gaming industry consulting companies from all over the world regarding marketing, business development and localization. Work was always more to me than „just“ earning money. Soon I understood that I wanted to have an impact. It was a fun, entertaining and exhausting journey. Today, at an age of 33 and a lot of experiences later, new things are important to me: balance, traveling the world and learning new things. At my current position as business development manager in one of the leading media corporations in Germany, while hosting one of the biggest German business podcast i am in the lucky situation to give back. To mentor others in order to identify their own dreams and realize them. At the same time I would love to experience feedback myself and improve my mentoring skills along the way. Today I have written a book, lived in a campervan, built several companies, started several successful podcasts and enjoyed my life.

My Mentoring Topics

  • New Work
  • Business Development
  • Innovation

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