I am Andra, currently living in Amsterdam, have worked in the creative spaces, with a focus on luxury fashion for almost a decade now, and have pivoted my career recently to luxury interiors, which have always been a massive passion of mine besides fashion. I started my career in London, where I also studied Fashion PR & Communications and I switched to more Marketing focused roles once I moved to Amsterdam a little over 2 years ago. I would describe myself as a Generalist, and I think that is my true superpower in the way I work and exist within both the professional space and the personal life space. Dynamic work environments where generalists thrive are a huge passion of mine, especially in the world we live in where Specialists thrive. I love to be the Jane of All Trades in the office, and I think, even though occasionally exhausting it is great to be multi-passionate and able to do multiple specialised things well.

My Mentoring Topics

  • luxury fashion
  • interiors
  • creative industries
  • PR & Communications
  • Marketing
  • Sustainability Communications

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