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Mentors for Brand & Public Relations

Every business, no matter how small needs a clear understanding of its positioning and how its brand going to be perceived by the public. Or, are you self-employed or working as an influencer and want to take care of your personal brand? Our mentors for Brand & Public Relations have a variety of background in different industries, from digital to consulting to agencies to the public sector and can help you with your public relations, communications or branding question you might have.

Estefany Prado

Estefany Prado PE

Administración y Marketing
Edward Madden

Edward Madden GB

Chief Marketing Officer
Ann-Kathrin von Loebbecke

Ann-Kathrin von Loebbecke DE

Senior Strategic Marketing & Business Leader
Ernst Holzmann

Ernst Holzmann DE

Personal Advisor, Privat
Lina Arke

Lina Arke AE

Head of marketing
Weirong Li

Weirong Li AT

Founder and CEO / Communications Expert
Jen Saville

Jen Saville US

Senior UX Researcher
Olga Andrienko

Olga Andrienko ES

Marketing Executive
Gauri S

Gauri S DE

Senior Communications Manager
Gianfranco Peña

Gianfranco Peña PE

Brand Strategist, Mindfield Perú
mo kham

mo kham EC

Software engineer
Daniela Honcu

Daniela Honcu IE

Expert in Partner management/ development & engagement. Public speaker for DIBS
Neha Kumari

Neha Kumari IE

Product Owner
Sara Lattanzio

Sara Lattanzio CH

Senior Content Strategist
Alessandro Cavaliere

Alessandro Cavaliere IT

Startup Marketing consultant
Paula Armoa

Paula Armoa CH

Transformation & Strategic Projects Lead
Ajay Gunasekaran

Ajay Gunasekaran MY

Team Lead UI UX Designer
Brian Young

Brian Young CA

Web AR/VR and full stack developer
Moataz Nabil

Moataz Nabil DE

Developer Advocate, Bitrise
Adam Trainis

Adam Trainis GB

Marketing Consultant