With 9 years of professional experience, I specialize in Risk, Fraud, Security, and Governance. Currently, I serve as an Industry Specialist - Fraud Risk at Amazon, where I lead large-scale technical projects focused on merchant registration abuse and identity fraud. During my initial days at Amazon, I managed several programs to remediate several open security risks across Amazon’s retail and devices business by conducting thorough security risk assessments and launching targeted remediation programs. Before joining Amazon, I spent 6 years at Ernst and Young (EY), where I held the position of Technology Consulting Manager within the Financial Crimes practice. My expertise spans various areas, including Regulatory Compliance, AML Transaction Monitoring, Fraud Detection and Prevention, and Sanctions Screening. I’ve led multiple projects, from risk assessments to system implementations, model validations, and internal audits. Additionally, my hands-on experience with advanced analytics and data science has allowed me to develop highly scalable automated fraud detection systems along with customer risk scoring and prediction. I have a formal education in Business Analytics and Data Science and am passionate about leveraging Machine Learning and AI for effective fraud detection and prevention.

My Mentoring Topics

  • Machine Learning and Analytics
  • Fraud Detection and Prevention
  • Risk and Governance
  • Compliance
  • Risk Management
  • Trust and Abuse

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