About me

„Supporting you in your personal journey and feeling that I contributed to your success is the best recognition.“ 🙏

I would like to pass on my knowledge and experience to others in the hope of supporting and being of service to them. I am also sure that in the process of doing this, I will be grateful for shared learnings from people I mentor. As stated above, there is nothing more rewarding for me than seeing the other person growing and being content with who they are.

Who am I?

I am an outgoing, curious & positively minded guy with extensive passion for the following topics:

Startup & Product 🚀 | Growth Mindset 💪🏼 | Fitness & Health 🏋️‍♀️👨🏼‍⚕️

I can share 3+ years experience in building digital & physical products as well as business operations in an agile and fast-paced (early-stage) startup environment - mostly in health, fitness & wellness industry.

By nurturing a growth mindset and being engaged in life-long learning, I have a particular interest in constant self-improvement - mentally, physically, socially & intellectually. I am more than happy to share my insights I have gained over the last couple of years with you.

Further, I love to emerge in new cultures and get to know new people. Fortunately, I had the great opportunity to live, study & work together with people from several backgrounds in India, Sweden & Australia for 2+ years.

Enough of me, the stage is yours now! ☺️

If you think I am able to support you in raising your bar, I'm more than excited to be able to connect with you & write our very own mentorship journey together. Hit me up! ✌️

Mentoring Topics

  • (Lean) Product Management & Development
  • Startup / Entrepreneurship
  • Growth (Mindset)
  • Business Operations
  • Self-improvement
  • Health Optimization / Biohacking
Country: Germany Timezone: Europe/Berlin

Reviews for Björn

15.September 2021

Bjorn was awesome to speak with and could truly empathize with my journey. :)