What I’ve achieved: ★ Developed and launched the first interactive mobile banking service in Russia in 2005. ★ Built award-winning internet banking for a leading bank with over 8 million retail customers. ★ Implemented the first internet self-service system for a leading European wireless telco. ★ Conceived and implemented strategic initiatives related to business transformation. ★ Lead large-scale innovation projects from concept to implementation. ★ Managed and lead teams with diverse backgrounds in multiple languages and various locations. What I can offer: ➢ Passion for innovation and creativity, understanding the power to positively impact business. ➢ Excellent communication skills - ability to interact with any stakeholder including C-level executives. ➢ Acute business acumen and understanding of key business functions. ➢ A natural leader with a passion for people, diversity, and teamwork. ➢ Ability to positively influence others and move toward a common goal. ➢ Responsible, reliable, and accountable - ability to instill a clear sense of purpose in others. ➢ Flexible and adaptable - ability to work in ambiguous situations. ➢ Forward-looking with a holistic approach. ➢ The natural inclination for working well in stressful and difficult situations. ➢ Thirst for knowledge and continuous learning. ➢ Champion of change regardless of position, organization, industry, or location.

My Mentoring Topics

  • personal development
  • mental health
  • life coach
  • career change
  • innovation consultant
  • honest, direct and no BS
5.October 2023

David is a kind and helpful person who is passionate about helping others achieve their career goals. I enjoyed our conversation and appreciated his patience and time.

14.January 2022

The session was helpful for me since I got some thought-provoking impulses also motivating me to change my situation to the better.