Hi there, Glad you're digging into the details of my profile so here I am! Passionate product lead with over a decade of experience in SaaS, specializing in strategic thinking and leveraging technology to solve real problems and uncover potential. My unique blend of software engineering and architectural expertise allows me to bridge the gap between business and technology, ensuring the delivery of high-impact, best-in-class customer experiences. With a proven track record of mentoring teams, I drive excellence in processes and outcomes, enhancing quality and focus. Helping teams and individuals realize their full potential by excelling in building world-class digital products across FinTech, eCommerce, eMobility, and EdTech that address real customer needs and significantly drive business results. As a startup co-founder, I've encountered both the triumphs and challenges of entrepreneurship. Happy to talk about anything you might find interesting in my profile and experience and any other topics!

My Mentoring Topics

  • Product Management & Leadership
  • Problem solving & Critical thinking
  • Product sense & mindset
  • Team collaboration & development
  • Stakeholder engagement & alignment
  • Product discovery & delivery
  • Entrepreneurial thinking & mindset
  • Product & innovation strategy
  • Self-improvement
  • Personal growth and development

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