About me

I am a believer in humans and not systems!

I am more than 20 years in Sales in different size of companies, bigger one and small startups (like mine that I ran almost 4 years)

Worked in Leadership and Individual Contributor roles, always for high complex software solutions. Father of 4 kids and lifelong learner

Saying that, my finding after that long journey in Sales that Business is made by people and not systems.

I can proof that, because in my private life, I practice Yoga (Yoga Teacher) and mindfulness and combine these successful with professional Sales.

That's why I am here!

Mentoring Topics

  • All kind of Sales themes in B2B - (obvious)
  • Culture - establish a culture of humanity and respect
  • Business Management & People Management
  • Mindfulness (become a better version of yourself)


German - Deutsch English - English

Country: Germany Timezone: Europe/Berlin

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