I am a believer in humans and not systems! I am more than 20 years in Sales in different size of companies, bigger ones and small startups (like mine that I ran for almost 4 years) Worked in Leadership and Individual Contributor roles, always for high complex software solutions. Father of 4 kids and lifelong learner Saying that, my finding after that long journey in Sales that Business is made by people and not systems. I can prove that, because, in my private life, I practice Yoga (Yoga Teacher) and mindfulness and combine these successful with professional Sales. That's why I am here!

My Mentoring Topics

  • All kind of Sales themes in B2B - (obvious)
  • Culture - establish a culture of humanity and respect
  • Business Management & People Management
  • Mindfulness (become a better version of yourself)
26.February 2024

I had a nice conversation with Edwin. He shared plenty of insights with me about career goals, effective job search strategies, and more. Edwin's guidance has not only equipped me with practical tips but has also boosted my confidence in navigating the job market. His personalized advice and wealth of knowledge make him an exceptional mentor. I am genuinely grateful for the opportunity to connect with him. Thank you for an insightful and empowering session. I'm looking forward to meeting you soon!

15.February 2024

Great personality, very transparency and sorted in a way of sharing feedback! Very helpfull and a great Mentor in my case about Onboarding of new Sales Managers. Looking forward to the next session.

27.September 2023

2.May 2023

Edwin is a very sympathetic conversational partner, Down-to-earth, realistic and knows what he is talking about. His feedback is honest and valuable. Thank you very much for the generous time slot.

9.February 2023

He is an amazing mentor and definitely over deliver. He gave me very useful ways and recommendations on how I can learn to sell.

13.December 2022

It was a helpful session, some great advice and career guidance

12.December 2022

Yes, the session was excellent. I got some real examples from Edwin and very good pieces of advice, on how to improve the first contact with the potential customer.

27.June 2022

Absolutely. Straight to the point without much small talk. You tougher me some valuable insights that I will implement in my daily tasks. I would love dive more into detail about cold calling session for purchasing department.

22.March 2022

I highly recommend having a chat with Edwin! He has great active listening skills, observes not only verbal but also non verbal messages and gives great feedback on them. We talked about b2b sales, work-life balance, feelings of self-doubt, woman in tech sales. Some of my takeaways: - If you're questioning yourself, ask yourself three questions: 1. Is it really true? 2. What happens if I continue to think the way I do right now, where will I end? Which consequences will it have? 3. Can I change something about it? - What do you want people to remember you for? ("What do you want people to read on your tombstone?") It's not the records broken, the fame, the money you made. It's the positive impact you had on the people, that you were a generous and kind person. - Being successful in sales takes time. Be patient & consistent in your work, the success will follow. I really appreciate your time Edwin! It was certainly not the last time we spoke :-)

2.September 2021

Edwin is a gem in Sales and Sales mentoring. I am so happy that I had a session with Edwin as every minute of his talk was absolutely curated and informative. His leadership and sales strategies, from his vast experience, is definitively solid. I thank Edwin for his valuable suggestion, opinion and moreover for his time. And one more thing, he is a good listener too.

18.August 2021

Very helpful. Kind and lots of life experience.

30.June 2021

It was very helpful, you are a great listener and I like your calm energy. Thanks for all the advices, i ll def apply them with my future team!! 😀

30.June 2021

It was very helpful, you are a great listener and I like your calm energy. Thanks for all the advices, i ll def apply them with my future team!! 😀

16.May 2021

The prospect nurturing process consisting of 6 short sequential emails with bullet points, to use keywords in the email copy, will acquire the first client in 2 weeks.

7.April 2021

I Learned: Sales is about empathy. Once you got a warm lead don't let go.

11.March 2021

Prospecting, check for customers with small product portfolio, problem framing for customers

23.January 2021

- How to approach cold audiences - How to structure the sales process and which information to gather - How to qualify leads

4.November 2020

Marktaufbau Provisionierung Best practises

3.November 2020

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