I am a seasoned business operations leader with over 15 years of experience and an angel investor. I have successfully led and scaled e-commerce and marketplace platforms in Africa and India, such as Omniretail technology, Jumia, and ShopClues, by driving growth, efficiency, and customer satisfaction. I have invested in multiple startups across different sectors, such as Sepal, Flutrr, Mobipay, Garuda Aerospace, Rooter, Clensta, OLL, gravidparenting, Deltafour and Startuplanes. I am always open to connect with startup institutions, investors, and founders who share my vision and passionate for startups eco-system & E-commerce businesses.

My Mentoring Topics

  • B2B Startup scaling from 0-1
  • B2C Startup scaling from 0-1
  • E-commerce supply chain

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