I’m a British dual citizen, based in Washington D.C. I fell into the information industry after university, progressing from Enterprise Sales and General Management into Strategic Partnership and Alliances . Day to day, I love a challenge. I have always been compelled to dig deep and wide to deliver the best results. As part of my professional philosophy, I prioritize mission-oriented work and place significant emphasis on accountability, trust, and integrity. Recognizing not only the importance of trust, but a broader commitment to my own career development, I obtained a formal professional coaching qualification in 2012 (and, as of Spring 2024, am working towards advanced certification). Effective team management strikes me as the toughest and most rewarding work of all. Supporting former hires to develop, grow, bring about significant change, and subsequently rise right to the top of their game continues to be a constant source of professional satisfaction to me. When I’m not behind my computer screen you can find me playing ping-pong with my overly competitive kids and coaching a bit of soccer. I believe everyone should have access to coaching resources, irrespective of financial means, and therefore am more than happy to dedicate some time as a mentor. Cheers Jamie

My Mentoring Topics

  • Business Development
  • Partnerships
  • Organization
  • Management
  • Career progression
  • Personal branding
  • Networking

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