As CEO and Co-Founder of Petiole, a pioneering UK-based agritech company with Ukrainian roots, Maryna specializes in leveraging AI and computer vision to address challenges in agriculture, forestry, and aquaculture. Her focus is on enhancing the productivity of smallholder farmers in Asia, Africa, and LATAM, promoting both environmental sustainability and economic resilience. With a background in law, project management, and technology, Maryna combines analytical acumen, strategic business development, and ESG expertise. This skill set has been crucial in securing grant funding for Petiole's AI-powered project to monitor the false codling moth in Kenyan chilli pepper crops, supported by Innovate UK KTN. This initiative positions Petiole at the forefront of agritech innovation and addresses global issues like food security, climate change, and biodiversity preservation. Maryna is committed to gender equality in tech, advocating for female founders and fostering a culture of diversity, inclusion, and social responsibility. Participation in the Eagle Labs Agritech Bridge Cohort 2023 and the Global Incubator Programme - Gateway to Asia Cohort 3 has provided valuable networking and collaboration opportunities. The Future Forest Initiative has also been instrumental in shaping Petiole’s journey. Her experiences as a woman from a developing country and the first in her family to attend university drive her commitment to empowering women in technology. She aims to lead transformative change in agritech, impacting smallholder farmers, women leaders, and the global community. Together, this vision can be achieved.

My Mentoring Topics

  • AI in Agriculture
  • Women in Agriculture

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