hey!, I am Mike I currently work as Head of Business Intelligence and Insights and I have a genuine passion for Data & Analytics I have 10+ years of accumulated data experience working as an analytics professional in 9 different roles, across 7 different industries. I have seen how Analytics are applied in a wide variety of businesses, such as banks, retailers, airline companies, hotels, tech companies etc. Moreover, I have seen the differences in data requirements between small startups with less than 10 people, all the way up to multinational companies, both from an "insider" point of view working as an employee, but also from an "outsider" point of view, working as a consultant. Mentoring is something that I love and have been an active mentor in numerous NGOs, university clubs, bootcamps, mentoring organisations and even within the companies I have worked for, mentoring and upskilling more junior employees. When I started out in my career, there were not many options for mentors around so I really like to be there for younger (or older) professionals that could use a helping hand. As a mentor, my approach is informal and always-be-there. During the mentoring sessions, I try to understand things about your background, your interests, your ambitions, your strengths and weaknesses and then offer advice based on my own experiences. Personally, building an ongoing relationship with a person that trusts you is a very important and fullfiling element so even when active mentoring sessions are over, I am always open to provide a helping hand in case needed in the future If you find that this approach matches your needs as well, I welcome you to book a session with me.

My Mentoring Topics

  • >> Building a career in BI & Analytics <<
  • Boosting analytical & communication skills
  • Transitioning from an individual contributor into a leadership role
  • Interview preparation in the are of Business Intelligence or Analytics
  • Communicate data & insights effectively in front of a business audience

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