Empowering Growth through Mentorship: Unlocking Potential Together Welcome to my mentorship page! I'm passionate about fostering growth and development in others by sharing my knowledge and experiences. With a diverse background spanning 15 years in finance, I've navigated through various challenges and triumphs, accumulating insights that I'm eager to pass on to aspiring individuals. In my most current corporate role as Director of FP&A and Finance Ops, I focused on the organisation's financial planning, forecasting and strategic business analysis activities . A key part of my role was also to highlight key financial issues and risk management. Management Reporting, Board and Investor Reporting also fell within my scope of duty. Additionally i was responsible for developing, maintaining and overseeing the execution of the Revenue Management and Accounts Receivable functions. People Management and coaching were part and parcel of my daily activities. This role allowed me to stay at the forefront of the Finance Industry whilst continuously learning and evolving, which enriches my mentorship approach. I have since left the corporate world to create my own Business coaching company where i use all of my experience and qualifications to empower business leaders or aspiring ones reach their full potential and by de fact, that of their company. I also mentor young adults on navigating life skills and personal finance. Beyond my professional endeavors, I'm deeply engaged in youth mentoring and working with women and children who are victims of domestic violence. Spending time with my family, diving into rom-coms or romance fictions, or experimenting in the kitchen whilst dancing to my favourite tunes, I believe in leading a well-rounded life that fuels creativity and inspiration. Why do i like to mentor? I've chosen to dedicate time to mentorship because I firmly believe in the power of guidance and support in shaping careers and lives. Mentoring provides a platform to give back to the community, empower others, and contribute to a collective journey of growth. My own mentors have played pivotal roles in my development, and I'm committed to paying it forward by offering actionable advice, constructive feedback, and unwavering encouragement. As your mentor, I'm here to support you in various ways, including: Providing insights and guidance based on my experiences Assisting in setting and refining goals Offering constructive feedback on your ideas and projects Sharing resources and tools to aid in your development Encouraging a growth mindset and resilience in the face of challenges Helping you succeed in anything you put your mind to Together, we'll embark on a journey of exploration, learning, and transformation. I look forward to the opportunity to collaborate with you and help you unlock your full potential!

My Mentoring Topics

  • Personal Finance - Budgeting, Saving
  • Life skills - Communication skills
  • Self awareness building skills
  • Building Empathy
  • Coping with stress
  • Navigating the corporate ladder
  • Women empowerment for entrepreneurs
  • Women empowerment for Mid-Level managers
  • Small business
  • Career
  • Clarity for recent graduates
  • Sustaining a successful career as a mum
  • sustaining a successful career whilst navigating life's challenges for women
  • Business success

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