Tushar Nikam

Tushar is not available for Mentoring Sessions at the moment.

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About me

I really enjoy writing high quality, readable, clean and maintainable code, using continuous integration/deployment and automated testing.

Since I went through a lot of different roles during my career, I'm also very familiar with UX/UI design, creating prototypes to evaluate your project idea, software testing, support and managing a team using agile methods. I'm able to concept/design/program/test and maintain projects all by myself.

What I could help you with:

- decide for a technology when building your app

- help you with Flutter/Dart problems or give you some tips how to structure your code, how to maintain it, keeping it clean and performant

Mentoring Topics

  • Flutter
  • Dart
  • Firebase
  • OPPS
  • Software development
  • Fresher Guide
Country: India Timezone: Asia/Calcutta