I have 15+ years of experience working in multicultural, metrics-driven, fast-paced environments for companies such as easyJet, Google, Oracle, AirBnb and Reserach and Markets. For the last 3 years, I have been managing an EMEA Scale Customer Success team at HubSpot. I held different positions within account management, project management, sales, customer success and led diverse and international teams with 30+ directs. I am happy to share my learnings as a people and hiring manager as well as the latest trends around job applications, CV and LinkedIn. I am happy to work with first time people managers or individual contributors who wish to move into management positions as well as connect with anyone who is interested in coaching on any of the below:

My Mentoring Topics

  • Scale / 1:many customer success
  • First time team manager coaching
  • Career growth
  • People & Team Leadership
  • Job interview skills
  • CV review and advice
  • Creating customer-centric vision
  • Design thinking in business
  • Change management
  • Call coaching
  • Voice and Non-Voice quality monitoring
28.June 2024

I had an exceptional session with my mentor, Aleks. She cleared all my doubts and was incredibly helpful and humble. Aleks' friendly demeanor made her easy to talk to, and she meticulously explained every step for my preparation, boosting my confidence. Aleks ensured all my questions were answered. Aleks is the perfect mentor to have. Thank you so much for all the help and guidance. Looking forward to meeting you soon:)

26.June 2024

I had an amazing session with Aleks. We talked about how I could pivot from the manufacturing industry to tech, and she gave me some good insights. Aleks went through my CV in detail and pointed out specific changes to make my experience look more transferable, which will definitely help me get shortlisted. She also shared information about the current tech market. Thanks to her, I now have a clearer direction and practical strategies to boost my job search. It was a pleasure having such an insightful conversation with Aleks. I’m really looking forward to staying in touch and updating her on my progress.

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