I have 35+ Years of experience in the IT field. 28 of them as Director of a Goan IT Software solutions Company.... I have helped many-many young IT professionals find their way around this confusing field and become good confident professionals... I'm willing to help a few more. Of what use having lived, if one hasn't made a difference....

My Mentoring Topics

  • IT Software Solutions
  • Any areas in the IT field
  • Digital Marketing as par of an IT field
  • Team work and team building
  • Running an IT Company
  • Enlightened Entrepreneurship
2.May 2024

It was great connecting with you yesterday. I learned a lot from our conversation Thanks again for your time and willingness to share your knowledge.

25.February 2024

One of the best mentors ever connected. Such a nice and wonderful way of explaining every detail to what I wanted to know. Spreads positivity and encourages to think in the deeper manner. Thank you so much sir for your insights.

20.February 2024

It was a very interactive session, and I had a clear perspective about how to kick-start in the corporate world of IT. I'm looking forward to many more sessions. Thank you, Sir.

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