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Hi, I'm Barbara. I'm a passionate people person and qualified coach. I currently lead global learning programmes at Coupa Software.

I've had ups and downs in my career. I've worked with some of the most talented people, been inspired by great managers - but I've also had my fair share of difficult bosses and challenging colleagues. I've worked in companies with amazing cultures and others who didn't appreciate the importance of creating a great culture. I've survived and indeed thrived after redundancy, picking myself up, dusting myself down and starting over. I'm no stranger to failure, but I also have had a lot of success and I credit my growth mindset and resilience for that.

I've had a varied career, but the one central theme is people. I've been working in Human Resources for close to 20 years (yikes)! I recruited for some of the top global companies (Bank of America, Facebook and LinkedIn). I drove employee engagement at LinkedIn (was the self-titled Chief Happiness Officer) and now I have the privilege of developing talent across Coupa's 3,000+ employees.

To unwind I love the arts. I'm (still) learning to play guitar and enjoy cycling, swimming, surfing, yoga and it's no surprise that I love to travel. I'm Irish born and bred, but well travelled (pre-Covid) and enjoy meeting people across cultures.

If you're looking for a mentor who has been there, seen it, done it but still is open to learning from you - get in touch!

My Mentoring Topics

  • Career Development
  • Leadership & Management
  • Team Building / Team Work
  • Networking
  • Company Culture
  • Giving Effective Feedback
  • Resilience
  • Managing Change
  • Emotional Intelligence

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