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Mentors for Procurement

Procurement is the act of obtaining goods or services, typically for business purposes. Procurement is most commonly associated with businesses because companies need to solicit services or purchase goods, usually on a relatively large scale.

Procurement generally refers to the final act of purchasing but it can also include the procurement process overall which can be critically important for companies leading up to their final purchasing decision. Companies can be on both sides of the procurement process as buyers or sellers though here we mainly focus on the side of the soliciting company.

Ian Mc Donald

Ian Mc Donald IE

Product Manager, Hubspot
Sifiso Dlamini

Sifiso Dlamini ZA

Director, MaZalet Projects Consulting Pty Ltd
Janita Wiedemann

Janita Wiedemann DE

Risk & Change Management; Legal Compliance & Procurement
Sonali Garg

Sonali Garg US

Manager, Program Managment, Meta
Ivo Guerrini

Ivo Guerrini NL

Business Development; Effective Execution; Develop Talent., Self employed
Justin Ho Guo Shun

Justin Ho Guo Shun SG

Impact Investor and Philanthropist
Liviu  Mesesan

Liviu Mesesan DE

Scrum Trainer, Agile Coach, Consultant
Patrick Moritz

Patrick Moritz DE

Advanced Procurement Specialist / Project Manager / Engineering Freelancer, Dematic (Kion Group)