I am the CEO of Cardinal Search Consultants, Inc. www.cardinalsearchconsultants.com 20+ years of experience performing and managing teams focused on sourcing, recruiting, advising, mentoring, collaborating, and organizational design. Knowledge of agile cross-functional teams within Talent Acquisitions, Recruiting, and Human Resources to provide a positive candidate experience, return on investment, talent management, talent attraction, and total rewards.

My Mentoring Topics

  • Certified Knowledge​​​​​​​​​​​​
  • • Candidate Experience, Business Line Experience, and Corporate Experience
  • • Develop, implement, and maintain a strategic and efficient methods to attract and maintain top senior level talent
  • • Aligning talent acquisitions to focus on the most efficient and valued recruiting resources, techniques, and tools
  • • Provide research and updates regarding social media methods to attract talent.
  • • Building strong partnerships with HR and hiring managers to forecast and develop plans for senior staffing initiatives
  • • Creating networks and talent pools in new and existing markets for desirable skill sets through sourcing
  • • Developing, posting, and maintaining quality job descriptions and advertisements for open positions
  • • Sourcing candidates though creative social media tools and developing robust networking avenues
  • • Initiating contact with passive candidates for openings and maintaining candidate pipelines
  • • Working collaboratively with business leads to screen potential candidates
  • • Utilizing internal applicant tracking system to review applications and maintain candidate progress
  • • Providing manager training on talent approach, interviews, closing offers, onboarding, Day 1 and Day 90.
  • • Ensuring compliance with all federal/state laws and regulations, including affirmative action plan compliance
  • • Recognizing and assisting with any situation within our business that can be assisted with HR support
  • • Reflecting our vision, mission, and core values throughout our business, holding safety as a priority

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