Greetings! I'm Linda, a seasoned professional hailing from Canada and currently based in Europe for the past four enriching years. My journey in project management has been one of building and nurturing global Project Management Offices (PMOs) from inception, pioneering portfolio management frameworks, and spearheading impactful business and digital transformation endeavors across a spectrum of industries including telecommunications, healthcare, energy, technology, and finance. Thriving in multicultural settings globally, I've cultivated a knack for orchestrating large-scale initiatives with finesse. To continually enrich my expertise and stay abreast of evolving trends, I've diligently pursued certifications spanning project, program, and portfolio management, alongside product management, change management, and process improvement domains. Sharing insights and best practices is ingrained in my ethos, evident through my engagements as a speaker at esteemed conferences, contributions to industry publications, and authorship of a comprehensive book on Project Portfolio Management (PPM). Additionally, I've found fulfillment in nurturing the next generation of professionals through teaching engagements and volunteer activities. My journey as a mentor has been both humbling and rewarding, having been a recipient of invaluable mentorship myself since my 30s. With this wealth of experience, I extend to you not just my time and expertise but also a compassionate ear, offering holistic guidance tailored to your aspirations and challenges. I look forward to embarking on this collaborative journey, enriched with shared insights and mutual growth.

My Mentoring Topics

  • Career Transition to PMO or Product Management Leadership or Other
  • Implementing Portfolio Management Frameworks
  • Fostering Diversity and Inclusion in [Project] Teams for Enhanced Problem Solving and Decision Making
  • Mitigating Bias in Decision-Making Processes for Fair [Project] Outcomes
  • Managing Change Resistance during Methodology / Tool / Process Adoption
  • Facilitating Cross-Functional Collaboration for Organizational Success
  • Leadership Development for Advancing in Project / Program / Portfolio Management
  • Resume Critique for Senior Management Roles
  • Adopting an Outcome-Driven Approach
  • Effectively Managing Stress to Sustain High Performance
  • Navigating Challenging Dynamics with Superiors for Positive Outcomes
  • Cultivating Inclusive Leadership Practices to Harness the Full Potential of Diverse Teams
  • Navigating a Complex, Hierarchical, Global Organization

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