Hi :) I am Lucas, CTO of AMPEERS Energy. We are a Startup based in Munich but spread all over Germany with the mission to decarbonize the real-estate world, especially housing-industry. Initially I started in the automotive industry for Big-Data pipelines (ETL, Elasticsearch, Cassandra, Kafka …) and then settled over to the “green”-Tech side to work for a more sustainable future. This is currently my first CTO position — and I grew every day on the challenges. We started with 6 peers in 2019 and now have over 100 people on our mission at AMPEERS. I would love to share my findings and give advices for your challenges in small startups or companies. Aside my daily work, often through Germany on train — I live in Dresden, where I also studied. Loving good food along with hiking. Looking forward to sharing my findings, solved & ongoing challenges and ideas for people who maybe start into a CTO position in smaller companies.

My Mentoring Topics

  • Teamstructures
  • Feedback
  • Software Architecture (+Pitfalls)
  • Sustainability
  • Conflict resolution

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