Hello, my name is Martina and I'm a leader working in tech for the last 13 years. I currently manage a Customer Success team at Hubspot. My passion is helping others achieve their potential. I have helped countless people transition into new roles, get promotions or find an idea for their next career development step. I am an EMCC accredited Mentor and Coach at a Practitioner level. I am looking forward to having a chat!

My Mentoring Topics

  • career development
  • job change
  • continuous learning
  • leadership
  • time management
14.March 2024

I had a highly insightful 45-minute mentoring session with Martina. She provided clear, practical advice on improving my CV and LinkedIn to highlight my adaptability and tech savviness. Martina also clarified the difference between sales-focused and retention-focused CSM roles, helping me target my job search more effectively. Her guidance was invaluable, and I highly recommend her to anyone looking to have her as a mentor. Thank you, Martina, for your direct and friendly advice!

18.February 2024

My session with Martina was incredibly valuable! Her feedback on my CV was insightful, and she shared valuable insights from her role as a Team Manager, providing a unique perspective. Martina also offered thoughtful guidance on navigating the current tech job market and shaping a strategic approach. I recommend Martina as an excellent mentor and anticipate seeking her guidance again in the future. Thank you, Martina, for your expertise and assistance.

14.February 2024

I recently had a fantastic session with Martina, my mentor. She expertly addressed all my doubts, offering clear and concise explanations. Martina provided comprehensive steps for my preparation, demonstrating her thorough knowledge and commitment to my success. Her assistance was invaluable, and her humility made the experience even more enjoyable. I'm immensely grateful for Martina's guidance and support and eagerly anticipate our next meeting. Thank you, Martina, for your exceptional help!

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