Hello! I'm Max, Co-Founder & CTO of SMAHO, a cutting-edge startup on a mission to create a vendor-agnostic smart home platform that encompasses everything from product design, hardware design, firmware development, cloud infrastructure, Mobile Development and everything in between. With a career spanning diverse roles and challenges, I've gathered a wealth of experience that I'm excited to share with fellow tech enthusiasts. I've always been inspired by problem-solving, the art of creation, and the magic of teamwork. My journey has taken me from the Head of Engineering of Germany at TV Squared, where I played a pivotal role in its acquisition of wywy, to leading the technical endeavours at SMAHO. Overcoming technical and interpersonal challenges, I've built global redundant infrastructure and tackled complex monitoring systems. I'm no stranger to making tough calls and betting on technologies that drive innovation. From my early days as a web developer to spearheading projects that shaped the future of technology, I've harnessed my passion for growth and innovation to craft a dynamic career path. My journey wasn't without its own share of bumps and lessons. I became a mentor to help aspiring individuals avoid the pitfalls I encountered and provide them with the guidance I wish I had. My passion lies in being a peer-to-peer sounding board, helping you articulate challenges, and offering insights from my experiences. I believe in people over process, emphasizing leadership over traditional management. My mentorship style is adaptable and unstructured, as I understand that each individual's journey is unique. Whether you're grappling with intricate technical dilemmas, honing your leadership skills, or seeking a partner to brainstorm ideas, I'm here to actively listen, empathize, and guide you.

My Mentoring Topics

  • Technical Problem Solving: Conquer technical challenges, from infrastructure setup to firmware development, using practical solutions.
  • Project Planning: Master efficient project planning and execution, optimizing resources for impactful results.
  • Leadership and Team Building: Navigate leadership intricacies, foster cohesive teams, and nurture an innovative work culture.
  • Crisis Management: Develop strategies for effective crisis management and making tough decisions for the greater good.
  • Startup Journey: Explore startup development, overcoming resource limitations, and attaining success from ideation to market fit.
  • Personal Development: Engage in strategies for continuous personal and professional growth, enriching your skill set and mindset.
29.September 2023

I had a great conversation with Max. He has answered all of my questions. Also he gave me plenty of tips for an interview. I'm really glad to be spoke with him.