// Mixpanel implementation The Mentoring Club - Shivendra Singh

Currently working in ML R and D team in Bosch with prior experience in American express and a startup as a Data scientist totalling to 4 years of working experience. I have graduated from IIT Delhi in chemical engineering and moved into data science after graduation.

My motivation to join this club is to help aspiring data scientists who are still in college or graduated and in the process, get a chance to understand my strengths and weaknesses as well.

My Mentoring Topics

  • What is data science really about? What are the various types of roles under data science.
  • How to enter into this field from a non coding background ?
  • Best courses to choose for entering and advancing in the domain
  • Any Career / Life related guidance especially for college students and fresh graduates
5.September 2022

Session was great. Got some good insight on current work-practice which is being followed in the industry.

22.August 2022

The interaction was very insightful and helpful. I really appreciate the patience you had while answering all the queries.

15.August 2022

It was really nice and helpful I almost find out a good overview for my path way :)